Zooming in on Ecommerce - The global report 2018

                  October 25th  

                  Join us for an exclusive conversation on the status of ecommerce from a global perspective. Together with other experts we will discuss the most relevant findings and trends highlighted in the Global Ecommerce Report.

                  TOPICS & AGENDA
                  - Global logistics structure in ecommerce.
                  - Challenges to cross-border trade (global comparisons).
                  - Main differences between different ecommerce markets.
                  - Latest developments in technology & their impact on ecommerce.
                  - Focus on Mobile usage in Africa  & challenges to ecommerce growth.
                  PRACTICAL INFO: 
                  • Where: Behind your desk (anywhere, everywhere)
                  • When:  October, 25th 14:00 PM CET
                  • Duration: 45 minutes
                  • Language: English 

                  About the Speakers

                  Sara Lone

                  Research coordinatoR
                  ECOMMERCE FOUNDATION
                  Sara received her Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of California, Irvin.
                  Her background consists of economic research and policy analysis, focusing on technology and sustainability in a digitally-globalized world.
                  Sara oversees the Ecommerce Foundation Research Team in creating country reports, custom research, content and webinars.

                  Lydia K.Makau

                  Country manager
                  SAFE.SHOP KENY

                  Lydia has over 15 years’ experience in implementation, support and management of ERP systems across East Africa in Trade, Manufacturing, Floriculture, NGOs and automotive industries
                  She is the Country Manager for Safe.Shop in Kenya, the Global Ecommerce Trust Mark which is an Initiative of the Ecommerce Foundation to foster Global Digital Trade.

                  Lydia is passionate about Africa’s growth and development and believes that technology-driven entrepreneurship is key to unlocking Africa’s potential.

                  Mark de Bruijn

                  Head of marketing EMEA & MEE

                  A modern, data-driven marketer with a passion for digital, innovation and every- thing related to customer experience.
                  For the past eight years, Mark has taken on various roles in marketing, business intelligence and predictive analytics. In addition, he was affiliated with Avans University as a lecturer.

                  Mark’s greatest pleasure is sharing his vision and knowledge with others and he is a regular speaker at events across the world.